Smart Meeting Room Manager

Bridge the gap between digital calendars and the physical workplace.
Have meetings without any hassle with Meetio meeting room manager.

Visualize meetings

Meetio connects to existing booking systems, bridging the gap between the digital calendars and the physical workspace.

Intuitive booking

Lets you and your users book a room instantly on the touchscreen with a press of a button. No training required.

Better use of time

Improve meeting quality, remove disruptions and stop shuffling around the office in search of rooms. Have better meetings with our meeting room manager.

Meetio solutions for better meetings

Meetio Room - Meeting room manager

Meetio Room

Meetio Room is a meeting room manager which is placed outside your meeting room and shows if the room is occupied or free. When the room is free you can book it instantly. Meetio Room shows future meetings, room name, your logo and can even allow users to check-in to the meeting.

Meetio Room

Meetio View

Meetio View gives everyone an instant overview of your meeting rooms. You can show the rooms in a grid view or list view and filter rooms on availability. A room display perfect for a lobby or reception.

Meetio View
Meetio View is many meeting room managers in one screen
Meetio Admin is a cloud based administration center for all of your meeting room managers.


Meetio has several add-ons to our products, making them more flexible and easy to use.

Meetio Admin lets you centrally manage your installations.

Meetio Admin

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The tablet looks great and really enables spontaneous meetings, while at the same time avoiding situations where you have to kick out coworkers who “stole” your booking.Olof Sundin, CIO at Returpack

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