Instant overview of all your meetings and meeting rooms.

Instant overview

Need to find a room quickly? With the instant overview you find the right room on a moment’s notice. The interface is very intuitive.

Perfect for your reception

Meetio View is a great way to inform visitors about what room that is booked for their meeting. If you for some reason forgot to book a room, the overview might also be your savior.

Filter rooms

Alter what rooms are displayed depending on your needs. You can set Meetio View to only present occupied rooms, only available rooms or mix them to give oversight over all the rooms.

Meetio View at a glance

Meetio View gives you a instant overview of up to 15 meeting rooms. The availability of the room is indicated with the familiar traffic light system (green, yellow and red). If you use Meetio View with a touchscreen you can book directly on screen.
Meetio View can also be used as an agenda view for clarity on what meetings are going on in the office during the day.

Grid view

The grid view gives instant overview of availability of meeting rooms in your office. Just look for a green room and book it!
You get additional info about ongoing and upcoming meetings so finding your room is as easy as a glance.


Agenda view

For reception use and to get the most comprehensible view of upcoming meetings over the day, use the Agenda view. Your visitors will be able to see clearly which room to go to.

Meetio View Player

  • Business grade player with HDMI-out (connect it to any TV via HDMI and you are up and running)
  • Meetio View application – preinstalled
  • WiFi and RJ45

per device

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    Integrates with most systems

    We integrate with the most common (and some uncommon) systems like Exchange, Office 365 and Google Apps. You can also use Meetio View with Meetio Book, our web based booking system.

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    No extra software or servers

    Meetio never requires any extra software or servers to run. The software connects to your existing systems directly reducing complexity and cost. And when you buy Meetio View you own it forever.

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    Show or hide the meeting title and organizer of the meeting. Separate settings to show or hide if the meeting is private.

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    Manage centrally

    Through our cloud based Meetio Admin you can centrally manage all Meetio products as well as see that they are responding. Meetio Admin is available as a subscription service.

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    Built on Open Source

    Meetio is built on Android which gives you almost endless hardware options and helps you avoid expensive proprietary. It is up to you if you want to use our business grade hardware or run it on your personal hardware.

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    Custom message and logo

    Enter a custom message at the top of the screen. Maybe you want to welcome visitors or show which floor the screen corresponds to? Add your own logo to let people know where they are and promote your brand. Simple, but very effective.

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