Gain insight about your room usage.

Meeting room data

Data about your room usage and booking behavior within the organization is stored and displayed beautifully within your admin console.

Key insights

Use statistics to gain insight about your office space. Use insights about your rooms to adapt functionality and plan your space better.

Drive behavior

Information driven change in behavior can increase both personal efficiency and utilization of shared resources in the office.

Statistics at a glance

Have you ever had the feeling that you need more meeting rooms in your office?
Meetio stats gives you insight about how your meeting rooms are really utilized!

Now Meetio Room can provide you with the information that can save you expensive office space and improve meeting culture in your organization.

The Meetio Stats module provides data on both an aggregate level as well as for individual rooms so that you can pinpoint bottlenecks or unused resources.

Data points include Room utilization, number of participants, scheduling behavior, length of meetings, how often rooms are booked but not utilized and much more.

All data points can be filtered for individual rooms or displayed over the aggregate. Choose what period you would like to analyze and over what hours in the day.


Data points

  • Connector.

    Room utilization rate

    Are all meeting rooms actually used all of the time?

  • Connector.

    Number of participants

    How many invites are sent for each meeting?

  • Connector.

    Scheduling behaviour

    Are rooms booked in advance through desktop or booked from tablet for a spontaneous meeting?

  • Connector.

    Meeting length

    How long do meetings run?

  • Connector.

    Unused reservations

    Are many reservations made without the meeting actually taking place?

  • Connector.


    Are meetings ending on time, do they usually run longer or are most meetings done before the scheduled time is up?

Meetio Stats

  • Subscription
  • In the cloud, no server installation required
  • Requires Meetio Room and Meetio Admin

per device & year

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Also available as a on-premise installation. Contact us for more information!

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