Accessible web app for easy meeting room reservations.

Accessible For everyone

Allows users in different systems or without a resource scheduling system to book the same resources.

Accessible from everywhere

Book in your favorite browser or on your phone. No installations required.

Easy and fast booking

Drag, drop, add a meeting title and your reservation is made.

Meetio Book at a glance

Meetio Book is a web based app for resource scheduling. It doesn’t require any installation and is optimized both for your favorite web browser and your mobile phone.


In any browser

Easy access to the booking engine through your favouite browser.

Meetio Book on phone

In any phone

The booking system is accessible from your smartphone through adaptive web-interface.


Synced with Meetio Room

Add Meetio Room to your configuration to get the full experience of how easy and efficient meeting room management should be.


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    Instant overview

    All rooms in the same view lets you very quickly determine which room to book.

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    Add to your own calendar

    When you book a room you get an e-mail with meeting information which you can add to your own calendar in one click.

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    Invite users

    Invite users from both inside and outside your organization.

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    Drag and release to book

    Drag and release to select time then enter meeting information. Easy and fast!

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    No installations

    Meetio Book is based in the cloud and requires no local installations or servers.

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    Supports English and Swedish.

Meetio Book subscription

Meetio Book is a cloud based subscription service. You don’t need any local installations or servers. Setting up an user account takes less than one minute.

per user / year

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