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Centralised management and alerting of all your Meetio installations without any software

Meetio Admin

– Included in both your Meetio Room and Meetio View license

Central management

No need to run around to all the tablets to change a setting or update them, it is all done centrally through Meetio Admin.

No software or server

No extra software or any servers is needed, Meetio Admin is a cloud based web app. Adopt a Meetio installation in 15 seconds.


Heartbeat alerts you instantly if there’s any trouble with a device. Get a quick overview of all your devices directly when you have logged in.

Meetio Admin at a glance

Meetio Admin is a cloud based web app that allows you to centrally deploy, manage and monitor all your Meetio installations. It doesn’t require any server installation or client installation and to adopt a installed Meetio app is as easy as entering a short code in the browser.

Deploy Meetio admin


Configure and deploy Meetio installations anywhere. Easy cloning of existing settings to accelerate deployment.



No more running around the office to manage each tablets’ settings locally! Settings of all connected Meetio devices can be managed centrally.



Heartbeat alerts you instantly if there’s any trouble with a device.


  • Device information

    Get vital information about your devices.

  • Update software

    Update your Meetio app installations centrally.

  • Remote reboot

    Don’t run around and reboot. A simple press on a button lets you reboot your hardware.

  • Sleep management

    Should your devices turn off during off-hours? Schedule sleep mode in Meetio Admin.

  • Secure management

    All communication is encrypted.

  • Cloud based

    The easiest way to start using Meetio Admin is through our cloud based service. Also available as on-premise, contact us for more details.