Setup guide for Zimbra

A step by step guide on how to configure Meetio apps against Zimbra.


When you configure the Meetio apps connection to Zimbra you will need admin access to Zimbra Admin Console.

Create rooms by connecting to Zimbra Admin console in the browser and login as an administrator.

Go to Manage > Resources and choose New in the top right corner.

Choose a name for the room and give it an e-mail address. Please note this e-mail for further reference.

It should be a resource of type Place and don’t forget to set a password for the resource and note it for further reference.

To be able to configure your Meetio app you need a Zimbra SOAP Api URL. This URL is most likely in the following format:

Replace with you domain.

Lastly you need to configure your Meetio app to connect to Zimbra. Start the Meetio app, click on the logo to enter settings and enter the following settings:

Calender type: Zimbra
Zimbra user: The e-mail (primary SMTP) of the room resource created in step 1.
Password: The password of the room resourcecreated in step 1.
Press Save and close and you are done.

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