Setup guide for G Suite

A step by step guide on how to configure Meetio apps against G Suite.



When you configure the Meetio apps connection to G Suite you need admin access to G Suite for your organization.

Login in as a company admin in G Suite. Set up a new user within your domain in Google Admin that can act as the service user.
Still in G Suite Admin, go to Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Resources. Create your room resource under “Create a new resource”.
Go to (make sure you are still logged in as a company admin). Go to Settings (top right corner), click the link “Calendars“. For each calendar you want to use with Meetio you will need to click “Edit: Shared Settings” and enter the newly created user e-mail and choose “Make changes to all events”.
Login to as the newly created user. Go to Calendars, Settings (top right corner) and click Subscribe for each calendar you want to use with Meetio.
Go to Meetio settings by clicking the logo in the top right or left corner, go into Settings and choose the Google Connector. Click “Google Account” and enter the e-mail and password of your newly created user. Lastly, select your meeting room(s) in “Room resource”.

Way to go, you’re all set! Now start enjoying those glorious, undisturbed and awesome meetings that you deserve!

Doesn’t work? Enable “Send errors to Meetio” in Meetio > Settings and use the contact form below.

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