Creating Room Lists in Outlook

Booking rooms in Outlook requires quite many steps; you have to click on “New Meeting” > invite a person by clicking on “To” > find a room and thereafter, add it to the resource. However, there is an easier way, but it requires a little effort upfront from your Exchange Administrator. The solution is called “Room List”. This step by step guide shows how to set up room lists in Exchange Online.

How to do

Unfortunately, you cannot make a room list via the Exchange Control Panel. But, here’s the easy solution:

Connect to Exchange Powershell and run the following command to create the room list:

Copy and paste the text below to add rooms. Don’t forget to change “Office Name” and the address to your equivalents before copy pasting.

Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity 'Office Name' -Member

Your users can start using the room list instantly after creation. Here’s our simple guide on how to use the room lists in Outlook.

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