Map view in Meetio View

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We're happy to present to you the brand new map view in Meetio View. Many of our Meetio View customers have been asking for the possibility to see office floor plan maps in order to get an even better overview, which has now become possible!

As a standard Meetio View has two views that the user can alternate between; the grid view that shows the meeting rooms' availability in blocks, and the agenda view that shows ongoing and upcoming meetings in a list. The map view is a third view that complement the standard views with an unbeatable overview and overall picture of the office, which makes it very easy to quickly find an available or booked room.

Map view in Meetio View that shows office floor plan maps and meetings

Map view

Map view in Meetio View
Grid view

Grid view in Meetio View
Agenda view

Agenda view in Meetio View

Interested in the map view?

Contact us and we will tell you all about it!

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