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How to be Smart About Office Space Planning and Work Hours

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Just a decade or two ago, cell offices were the most common office layout where employees had their own rooms and a door they could shut. Today things are a little bit different. Even if cell offices still exist, the open floor plan spaces such as landscapes and activity based offices have become more common. In addition, companies have become much more meeting intensive, which will put new requirements on office space planning in terms of design and how to get as much utilization of the spaces as possible. A big mistake a lot of companies do is building too big conference rooms…

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Meeting Rooms – The New Hard Currency of Companies

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High demand on meeting rooms, (experienced) lack of meeting rooms and getting “kicked out” of, or have to kick out colleagues from booked rooms are commonplace at many workplaces. This is, among other things, because of the increase in information and meetings at todays companies. As a consequence, meeting rooms have become a kind of hard currency for many companies. We at Meetio are, if we may say so ourselves, quite sharp at meeting room management – e.g. by means of room usage statistics*. We know, it doesn’t sound particularly sexy, but we’ll show you the opposite.

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How to Avoid Workplace Competition over Meeting Rooms

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If you’re working in a company that requires a lot of facetime with your clients and/or colleagues, we’re guessing that you probably conduct meetings frequently. While this isn’t a problem by nature, many companies run into issues when a competition over meeting rooms starts to surface. To avoid workplace competition over meeting spaces, you may want to consider a few tactics you can deploy so that everyone can hold the meetings they need to, without feeling stressed in the office.

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How to Avoid Meeting Room Cancellations and Wasted Meeting Times

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One of the biggest gripes we hear from those working within companies who rely on meetings, is the lack of accountability for cancelled meeting rooms and subsequent wasted meeting times. With traditional methods of securing meeting rooms, often there lacks a true tool for ensuring that rooms are used as they are intended, and that they aren’t blocked from being used by those who truly need the space. But, there are a few ways to ensure that you’re using rooms to their full potential.

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Best Practices for Conference Room Booking Systems

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If your organization holds many different meetings in an assortment of meeting rooms, you probably are in need of a good system that can help you organize and book time in these rooms. Without a system, your meetings can fall into chaos if there are double bookings or no way to manage cancellations. These best practices for conference room booking systems can help you to find the right solution for your needs and show you how to operate your meeting bookings in an efficient way.

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