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5 Simple Tips for Running Effective Meetings

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Discussion in meeting

Running effective meetings doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these 5 simple tips to start running effective meetings!

1. Be prepared

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” is one of my favorite quotes. Being prepared is essential for running effective meetings. Spend 5-10 minutes before the start of the meeting to make sure that you have everything you need to execute a successful meeting. Don’t be that person who forgets an important document and slows down the meeting!

2. Send a reminder email with a brief outline of the meeting

This simple reminder makes sure that everyone participating in the meeting is on the same page. It’s easy and effective! Plus, it’ll even promote more thoughtful discussions because people would have had a longer opportunity to gather and reflect on their thoughts related to the subject.

3. Make sure your meeting space is available

It’s frustrating when there is no meeting space available or when you can’t find an appropriate meeting space. Investing in a central meeting room schedule for the office can reduce confusion and time wasted on looking for a meeting space.

4. Start on time

Don’t delay the start of the meeting. Make it a habit to start on time so everyone values the importance and definite nature of the start time as well. Starting on time consistently will make your meetings more reliable.

5. Have a positive attitude

Meetings have a reputation of being boring and ineffective. However, if you incorporate tips from “7 Easy Ways to Have Productive Meetings” and enter the meeting with a positive attitude, you’re bound to start running effective meetings!

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