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Room Booking Displays for Malmö Högskola – Customer Spotlight

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Malmö Högskola (Malmö University) is comprised of 24.000 enrolled students and 1.400 employees. With such a dense population in that kind of knowledge- and information intensive environment, an efficient room manager is key to execute productive and spontaneous meetings. We asked Karin Björkenrud, the IT Project Manager at Malmö Högskola, to share her experience with Meetio.

Karin showing a room booking display from Meetio

What challenges did you face that led you to Meetio?

– Since we are a University, we have a room booking system that’s quite different. We had internal struggles with our booking system. Understandably people found that system inconvenient and it resulted in clashes like double reservations. A smarter solution was necessary. As a trial, we upgraded some of our rooms with the Meetio Room solution and found it highly efficient, since it prevented the previous experienced clashes.

Meeting room at Malmö Högskola

What were your buying criteria?

– Simplicity was essential for us, we wanted a simple room booking display that was easy to use and understand. I love how the colors in the room booking display immediately lets you know if the room is available or not.

Why did you choose Meetio over competitive alternatives?

– We liked that the room booking displays were running Android because that’s more flexible if you want to do something different. We also found the design feature, where you could add your own logo, appealing. All in all we saw that the room manager had great potential and the Meetio team are constantly eager to develop it further based on the feedback from us and other customers. They really listened which is also one of the reasons we continued to stay with Meetio after the trial.

How do you use Meetio to optimize the use of meeting rooms?

– We have it set up where we can see the meeting title and the person responsible for the room booking. There is much less confusion thanks to this. You are able to contact the person whom made the reservation if there’s ever an issue.

In what other ways do you use Meetio in the workplace?

– For example, we have certain rooms people can book to solely make phone calls. This creates privacy in a public setting.

What’s the best thing about working with Meetio?

– What I appreciate the most is that it’s very easy to get in contact with the Meetio team. They always respond quickly and provide feedback right away.

Green room booking display outside meeting room

What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?

– It’s been really easy connecting to and using Meetio. I love the web interface for device management and the products are constantly being upgraded. I would strongly recommend it.

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