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5 Situations When You Should Decline a Meeting Invitation

Felicia Berglund Meetings 2 Comments

We’ve all been there before: sitting in a meeting and thinking to ourselves, “why am I here?”. When you’re under pressure at work, stressed about a deadline, or have daily tasks that need to be completed, spending unnecessary time in meetings that has no relevance or urgency to you is just plain wasteful. Here are the telltale signs for when you should decline a meeting invitation:

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How to Avoid Meeting Room Cancellations and Wasted Meeting Times

Felicia Berglund Workplace

One of the biggest gripes we hear from those working within companies who rely on meetings, is the lack of accountability for cancelled meeting rooms and subsequent wasted meeting times. With traditional methods of securing meeting rooms, often there lacks a true tool for ensuring that rooms are used as they are intended, and that they aren’t blocked from being used by those who truly need the space. But, there are a few ways to ensure that you’re using rooms to their full potential.

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Mobile Optimization: How to Make Sure Your Office is Up To Date

Felicia Berglund Workplace 1 Comment

When creating an office space that is flexible, fluid and optimal for holding all kinds of meetings and gatherings, it’s important to think of the mobility capabilities that are offered. While some offices are filled with stationary equipment, you may want to consider how to approach mobile optimization to make sure your office is up to date. Mobile optimized offices can help make your meetings more successful, and your overall office have improved functionality.

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The Digitization of Meeting Room Booking and Room Availability

Felicia Berglund Workplace 1 Comment

In the modern workplace, there are few things that are still done manually or through analog systems. You know by now that email and messaging apps are a much faster and more convenient method of efficient communication than phone calls or letters. You know that wifi connectivity is better than needing to be plugged into an ethernet cable. And you probably benefit from accessing SaaS platforms and tools that help to run your organization, or even your own job, smoother. So why wouldn’t you digitize your meetings and meeting room booking? It’s probably time that you do.

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Best Practices for Conference Room Booking Systems

Felicia Berglund Workplace 2 Comments

If your organization holds many different meetings in an assortment of meeting rooms, you probably are in need of a good system that can help you organize and book time in these rooms. Without a system, your meetings can fall into chaos if there are double bookings or no way to manage cancellations. These best practices for conference room booking systems can help you to find the right solution for your needs and show you how to operate your meeting bookings in an efficient way.

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How to Welcome Visitors to your Office

Felicia Berglund Meetings Leave a Comment

They say that you only get one first impression, so make it count. The same can be said for when you welcome visitors into your office space, whether it be for a collaborative meeting with a business partner, an interview for a prospective hire, or a welcoming luncheon for the board of directors. There are certainly a few ways you can ensure that your first impression when bringing visitors into your office always hits the mark, and visitors feel welcomed, relaxed, and impressed by your office space.

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What are Huddle Rooms and Why Should you use them?

Johannes Bolvede Workplace 1 Comment

While a certain type of office layout may appeal to you aesthetically, the most important aspect in choosing a floor plan should be the ability for your staff to complete their work. In the case of open floor plans, you may be better equipped in this manner if you adopt the use of huddle rooms, which can act as a buffer, similarly to activity based offices.

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Stand-up Meetings as an Efficient Way to Collaborate

Felicia Berglund Meetings 2 Comments

When we talk about modern workplace productivity, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss stand up meetings. This method of holding group collaborations or informal conferences aim to help businesses keep activity flowing, employees motivated and focused, and can make for more productive team interactions. But how can you ensure that meetings stay professional, and don’t dissolve into social gatherings? Let’s take a look at some best practices.

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