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The New and Improved Meetio Room (Version 1.7.4)

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Tablet outside meeting room

We are very happy to announce the latest version of Meetio Room – 1.7.4!

We’ve been going full speed ahead at Meetio during the last couple of months. We have added new features and improvements through our beta channel at a high pace for customers eager to try them out. After a little bit of tweaking and polishing, we now have a great, new version of our software ready for you as a stable release.

One major feature is the all-new Energy Saver mode. There’s usually no need to run Meetio Room at full brightness for 24 hours a day. You can now tell Meetio Room to dim the screen at night and automatically wake up again in the morning just before people arrive at the office. When to enter and exit Energy Saver mode is fully configurable through Meetio Admin or the device settings. Getting in early and Meetio Room is still asleep? Just tap the screen to wake it up!

We’re also proud to announce seamless integration with the Zimbra calendar system. Zimbra is an open-source collaboration tool used by 200,000+ businesses around the world. And it’s just as easy to use with Meetio Room as any other supported calendar system.

Along with larger features like Energy Saver and Zimbra, we’ve also made lots of smaller improvements and fixes. Here’s some of the improvements we’ve made:

  • Support for check-in when you have two or more devices for a room (for example one inside and one outside the room).
  • Parlez-vous Français? O Español? Meetio Room now has full support for both French and Spanish!
  • You can book the room for later in the day (or a future date) directly from the device.
  • Graphical improvements for running Meetio Room in portrait mode.
  • Option to require a meeting subject when making a future booking directly from the device.
  • Health status for all your devices in Meetio Admin. With email notifications if a device is having problems.
  • Various minor improvements to Meetio Admin.
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

How can you update?

Now that you’ve read about all the additional features, you’re wondering about how to update your Meetio Room! You can update remotely on Meetio Admin or by using Meetio Update.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Meetio Room! Do you have any questions or feedback regarding the new release? Send us an email at!me

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